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Update Feb/25/2011


Since 2005 the Museum of Childhood preserves, promotes, and publicizes products made for children (like toys, for example), by children (drawings, paintings, etc.), and about childhood (like films, books...). We want that children and adults discover new things, and that teachers and researchers have access to scientific material and other resources.

In order to give more visibility to its collection, in 2006 the Museum of Childhood launched the Virtual Museum of Childhood, with a data base containing objects made by children, objects made for children, and objects about childhood. Soon thousands of objects will be available on-line. Access and see them!

In the beginning of 2010 the Virtual Museum of Childhood opened a doorway specially prepared for children: the game Box of Toys, a funny and amazing way to know and interact with drawings and toys belonging to our collection. Come in and play!

At the moment we are preparing other new feature: the Teachers' Place. Follow us and see the evolution of this project!

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