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Update Feb/25/2011


The collection

We understand that objects are placed in museums because they are of great importance for some person. The collection of the Museum of Childhood is the result of several donations from men, women and children, Brazilians and foreigners, who wanted to share with the public what once was theirs – “their treasures”. Thus, each item that we receive is cataloged in order to respect its importance.

Most of the items in the collection include objects for children, mainly toys. Today we have objects produced in Brazil and abroad; some are old (like the 19th century doll) some are very new. We also have several books, which vary according the time and place of their publication. In the area of music and movies, for the time being, we have only some Brazilian CDs and children movies.

We have a collection of drawings and paintings made by girls and boys from different parts of the Brazil, since the 1960's. They present characters from the media, the daily life of children, people from the family, places, among other themes. They were produced in different situations: at home, at school, after visiting a museum. To some of them, children give titles or write stories. Besides the drawings and paintings, we also keep notebooks and exams from different school years.

The collection about childhood includes some theoretical books, films whose protagonists are children, clay sculptures showing children games, and reproductions of Portinari's paintings (under the authorization of Projeto Portinari) as well as of collections from the Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina (MASC). We also have a large collection of postcards from all over the world showing reproductions of arts works depicting childhood.

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